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Oil-based System Organo Clay Newtone BP 183B (25 KG)

  • Price : ₱374.22/kg

Newtone BP-183B is an organo clay (modified montmorillonite) designed for use in oilbased system. It offers high gelling efficiency, high reproducible thixotrophy (over wide temperature range), improved particle suspension and strong film reinforcing action (in organic binder system). Newtone BP-183B can be widely used in solvents from low (200# solvent, coal tar oil) to moderate polarity (arene). 

VAT inclusive


  • Used in marine paint; industrial paint; heavy duty anticorrosion paint: especially for bituminous coating, epoxy paint, chlorinated rubber coating.
  • Used in grease, ink, sealant and unsaturated polyester putty.

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Newtone BP-183B disperses under high speed and requires polar activator, methyl alcohol/water (95/5) with addition 45-60% of organoclay, for best efficiency, no heat is necessary for good dispersion but the addition level is usually 0.2-2.0%. 


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