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AREC.X Digital Hot Plate Stirrer

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AREC.X Digital Hot Plate Stirrer

Powerful digital, square hot plate stirrer with a socket for the connection to a VTF Vertex digital thermoregulator, VTF EVO Wireless digital thermoregulator for direct temperature control of the liquid.


Powerful Motor for High Range of Speeds

AREC.X is equipped with an extremely powerful motor, able to stir volumes up to 15 liters (H2O) at very high speeds.

Another precious feature of this hot plate stirrer is the SpeedServo™ counter-reaction, which ensures constant speed even when the viscosity changes.

The extremely bright and easy-to-read digital display constantly shows the temperature set by the operator.
By turning the left knob it is possible to adjust the temperature (up to 550 °C), whilst the right one controls the stirring speed (up to 1500 rpm).

Maximum Protection Against Leakages - IP 42

The hot plate stirrer AREC.X ensures a premium level of safety and protection for the user.

The control panel is easily accessible, is positioned at a safe distance from sources of heat and is protected against possible damage caused by liquid spills thanks to a dedicated run-off groove.

The pressure die-cast structure is designed so that accidental liquid spills cannot reach the internal parts of the unit.

Once the unit has been switched off or after having set the temperature to zero, a "Hot Plate Warning" will be displayed, for improved safety. As soon as the temperature has cooled down to 50 °C, this warning will be automatically turned off.

Easy to Use and Clean

The hot plate stirrer AREC.X is the first to be entirely made with technopolymer, being ideal for high resistance to acids, bases and solvents. 

AREC.X is extremely easy to clean, by using a cloth dampened, all the residues will be easily removed and the top plate will be perfectly clean.

At the same time, ceramic, which is an inert and very hard material, will offer great resistance to almost any type of chemical or mechanical aggression.

The hot plate stirrer AREC.X offers a highly innovative low profile and attractive design for outstanding comfort.

Also, the inclination of the front panel has been carefully studied to facilitate use.

Thermoregulation of the Liquid

AREC.X can be connected to the external probe Pt100 (code A00000268), in order to get a system that allows thermoregulation of the liquid.

The probe ensures thermoregulation up to 250 °C, with an accuracy of ± 1.0 °C.

For higher performance, AREC.X can be connected to the VTF Digital Thermoregulator.

VTF ensures perfect and precise thermoregulation up to 300 °C, with premium accuracy of ± 0.5 °C.

VTF is equipped with a timer, for unsupervised operation and increased productivity.

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