3 Tips To Paint Your House during Summertime

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3 Tips To Paint Your House during Summertime
3 Tips To Paint Your House during Summertime

School’s out, sun’s out. Aside from planning your next summer escapade, you might want to have a quick look at the condition of the exterior of the one prized possession you call home.  The bright noontime sun may now be highlighting the sad, decrepit, faded condition of the exterior paint of your house.  Now, before you burn all that hard-earned cash you worked so hard for in your annual trip crossing national borders, you might want to set aside some to spruce up your home’s exterior. 

Having some sun is ideal for drying paint, but painting in the middle of the day might not be as ideal as you first think as the paint may dry out quicker than sooner. Here are some tips for you to follow to finish that summertime painting job:


1. Choose the Right Paint

It may take a little bit of sleuthing, but you might want to know if the last paint used was water-based or solvent based. Feeling adventurous? It would be a nice time to consider choosing a new color, electric fuchsia, perhaps, no? or even Fiery red!
solvent based paint, water based paint, red paint

2. Choose the Right Tools

With the many types of paint brushes and paint rollers out there, you will have to decide between the many paint brush widths and fibers in the market. So, when in doubt, ask for help. The attendants in your favorite hardware shop or paint store will be more than happy to advise. Other tools you might want to consider buying too, are paint tray, painter’s tape, drop cloth and some lint free rags. A ladder will also be helpful to reach those hard to reach places (especially, if you’re ‘vertically’ challenged).


3. Choose the Right Time of the day

As earlier mentioned, avoid the noontime sun. Early morning and late afternoon are the best time to paint. Another way to manage this is working around where the shadow is casting around your house. Not only will you be working directly under shade, it actually makes the actual exterior painting more manageable.

With all things said, why not paint your house in October? Or November perhaps?


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