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FDA PTFE Wax Crayvallac WF 6010 (15 KG)

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CRAYVALLAC® WF-6010 is a micronised PTFE modified polyethylene wax conforming to FDA 175.300. PTFE wax which improve scratch resistant in coil coating application.



• Excellent slip and heat resistance

• Improves anti-blocking

• Provides good surface hardness and toughness

• Improves mar, scratch and abrasion resistance

• Similar to CRAYVALLAC® WF-3200 

CRAYVALLAC® WF-6010 is suitable for use in a wide range of coating applications, and in some cases it offers the formulator additional performance benefits: 

• Printing inks: enhanced heat resistance

• Powder coatings: degassing

• Metal decorating: prevents metal marking

• Coil coatings

• General industrial coatings

VAT inclusive


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CRAYVALLAC® WF-6010 provides the formulator with the means of controlling the frictional characteristics of a coating as well as enhancing its surface protection properties.


CRAYVALLAC® WF-6010 is readily dispersed into coating formulations using a variety of techniques e.g. high-speed dispersers, bead mills and triple roll mills. 


In general, micronised waxes are best incorporated into coating systems by premixing with the binder. Alternatively, waxes may be added to the formulation immediately following the dispersion stage but prior to the final letdown. 


Due to the multitude of formulations, processing methods and application conditions used in the field, we strongly recommend that all products containing CRAYVALLAC® WF-6010 be tested thoroughly to ensure suitability for their intended end use.

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