NEWFLEX NP-45: Chem On Philippines

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For lamination ink, to improve adhesion, flight with BASF Laroflex MP45. Copolymer of 75% vinyl chloride and 25% vinyl isobutyl ether in which the vinyl isobutyl ether contributes to the binding characteristic. It offers excellent hydrolysis stability and acid/alkali/salt resistance. NEWFLEXTM NP-45 has wide compatibility with other resin coupled with good solubility in aromatic or hydrocarbon solvent, pigment wetting ability and heat stability, which is important during sterilization process.


VAT inclusive


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Used In

  • The production of air-drying or other physically drying paints for application on iron and steel, nonferrous metal, mineral and plastic substrates
  • Main binder in gravure ink formulation for printing on oriented PP film as it exhibits good adhesion and helps the compatibility of EVA and CPP.


  • Improve adhesion of lamination ink
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