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Organic Broad-spectrum Preservative Troycare LSB3 (20 KG)

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INCI name: Levulinic Acid, Sorbic Acid, Benzoic Acid, Phenylpropanol
An innovative formulation that makes it unique to be able to provide complete, broad-spectrum preservation of a wide variety of aqueous personal care products as high as pH 6.5, finally making organic preservation viable for neutral formulations.

TroyCare™ LSB3 is a clear, low color liquid with very mild aroma of floral spice which, at typical use levels, can easily be masked, if so desired. Due to its patent-pending formulation, TroyCare™ LSB3 is able to provide excellent broad-spectrum protection against both bacteria and fungi. TroyCare™ LSB3 can preserve a wide range of formulation types, but its unique combination of ingredients allows it to maintain efficacy at higher pH levels where other organic acid systems fail.


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